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Dog Nosework Training and Scent Detection Benefits
Dog Lick Mats

What are Dog Nosework and Scent Detection Benefits

Overall, dog nosework can serve as a simple yet captivating enrichment activity, offering remarkable benefits for your furry friend. With their natural instinct to sniff and smell, encouraging this...
Ultimate Guide to Durable Dog Toys
Dog Toys Canada

Dog Toys: Ultimate Guide For Durable and Engaging Dog Toys

Dog Toy Guide Introduction Choosing the best suited toys for your dog is a fun yet important task. To make sure your pup enjoys their playtime to the fullest, it's essential to select the most app...
Best Christmas Present Dog Gift Ideas Canada
Best Christmas Dog Gifts

Best Christmas Present Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Does your dog have a Christmas gift list for you to follow this year? Whether they wish for more toys, more treats, or more belly rubs, we have made a list of the best Christmas dog gift ideas to g...
DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box Price Will Never Increase
Dog Subscription Box Canada

DuraPaw Announces "Price Promise Guarantee": Your Subscription Box Price Will Never Increase!

Active subscribers can rest easy knowing that the price of dog toys and treats will never increase. As long as you are subscribed, your price is promised forever!
DuraPaw Rippables 2-in-1 Dog Toy Within Toy Canada
2-in-1 Dog Toy

Introducing DuraPaw RIPPABLES New 2-in-1 Hidden Dog Toy Within Toy

DuraPaw 2-in-1 Rippables combine cuteness with durability, ensuring hours of joy for your furry friend. Get ready to explore the world of Rippables, where fluffy exteriors meet surprising inner tre...
Dog Snuffle Mat Sniffing Training Canada

What is a Dog Snuffle Mat? Are They Good for my Dog?

Dog snuffle mats are great enrichment tools to help reduce anxiety and engage your pup's natural instincts to hunt and forage for their food.
Edmonton Off Leash Pop Up Dog Parks

Edmonton Guide: Best Off Leash Dog Parks in Edmonton

Did you know, Edmonton has over 50 off-leash dog parks for your pup to run and play? So why not take your furry friend outside on a nice day! Not only will your dog have an enriching experience, yo...
Best Canadian Subscription Boxes

Ultimate Guide: The Best Canadian Subscription Boxes

Are you ready to experience the thrill of monthly surprises delivered right to your door? There are so many amazing and fun subscription boxes that deliver to Canada, it's hard to know where to start!
Are Dog Slow Feeder Bowls Good For Your Dog? Slow Feeder Benefits

Are Dog Slow Feeder Bowls Good For Your Dog? Slow Feeder Benefits

Using slow feeders can reduce a dog's eating speed compared to eating from a regular bowl, and also make it a more interesting and enriching experience.
Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Best Fun Things To Do With Your Dog | Dog Activity Ideas

Whether you're looking for fun things to do with your dog or just need some inspiration, here are 15 fun activities you can do together. Spend time doing fun things with your dog.
Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated Dog Treats
Canadian Dog Treats

Freeze Dried Dog Treats vs. Dehydrated Dog Treats | Canadian Treats

Freeze Dried Dog Treats vs. Dehydrated Dog Treats It can be a little bit overwhelming looking at a long shelf full of different dog treat options. Especially when each bag has a long list of ingr...
Dog Enrichment Toys Canada
Dog Enrichment

Dog Enrichment Toys | How To Use Enrichment Toys For Dogs

Dog enrichment toys could be a great option for you if you have a busy dog who tends to destroy toys faster than you can buy them. Finding the right enrichment toys and knowing how to use them can ...