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I have a lot these 3 months of surprises for my beautiful Mika❤️ I will definitely do business with you again soon, thank you very much!

Super cute collars and awesome snacks!

Our most recent box was custom to us as our pup doesn’t really play with toys. The customer service team were fast to reply, asked great questions to meet our dogs’ needs and even included something for our other dog!! They got matching collars 💕 💗! Amazing company!!

We look forward to our monthly box

Well actually our dog does 😉 She absolutely loves everything she receives in the boxes. The toys are durable and she is a chewer! She hasn't wrecked anything from her boxes yet. The treats are high quality and she loves the taste. Definitely happy we subscribed. The themes are lots of fun too! 😀

Durable Toys

My dog loves DuraPaw toys! The toys are durable which I'm very pleased with. Since my dog is a strong chewer (boxer), I have ordered the rubber and plastic toys for now.

Fantastic variety!

My old boy definitely loves the treats! The themes are so cute. He likes to carry the star plush toy around during his old man zooms. He's a giant and the company was great. I getting back to as quickly about customizing his box to have some bigger toys in it. But anything that comes that he may not like as much we have donated to the shelter he was at. So everything in the box gets used and appreciated!

Entertainment for Hours

The box was great for my Large Breed Pooch - Tito loved the toys, the endurable chew toys along with the hide and treat ball.
Snacks are always a huge win and the Bison liver treats didn’t disappoint

Tito is looking forward to next months box

Great products and customer service

My dog loved the toys so much she sadly destroyed one within no time. However, Marc and Millie hooked us up with very quick great customer service and are sending us a replacement that will be more durable !

Great products

The butterfly toy has come in handy during meetings. She loves licking peanut butter out of it.

Best Box Ever!

My pup loves his box. The toys that came in it are fabulous! He loves his nylon chew and the snuffle ball keeps him busy for a long time. I love that there are only toys but interactive toys and the bow tie was adorable! Snacks . . . Don’t even get me started there. He gobbled them right up.

I only got a 3 month subscription but I just might have to extend it!!!

Very excited puppers!

My dog absolutely loves the toys and the treat he got! I can't wait to see the next month's delivery!

Snuffle Ball

Our sweet puppy, Adelaide LOVES her new Snuffle ball!!
We have the flat, round kind as well, but the ball kept her entertained for quite a while!

Dog Snuffle Ball | Snuffle Enrichment Toy (15cm)

Love the bow for Billie

Love the mixture of products in the first box. Billie will love all the chew option when we get to bring her home next week.

M'y dog love His toys


My dog loved it! The toys are perfect and durable. They have lasted 3x what regular store bought lasts.

Love The Subscription Box

I have the 6 month subscription box and my dog absolutely loves them. The toys are great quality, lot’s of goodies and a good variety. My dog’s favourite is the nylon bone! I also love that each box comes with an accessory (pictured below). Best subscription box ever.

Great fun!

Fynn loved his latest box that was space themed. The bison treats were new to him but delicious nonetheless!

Cute & Durable

My schnauzer loved his first Durapaw box! A great Canadian company.

It only made sense

After loving our first box, why would I keep paying a higher price? Super easy to switch over to the 12 month plan and now I am saving money! Thanks DuraPaw!

3 Month Plan - Ultimate Dog Enrichment Box
Johanna Mercedes Van schie copol

I enjoyed the first box I didn’t find the second box toys were for enrichment. They seemed pretty simple and the logo was really big on the neck scarf

My boys loved the treats & toys

Toys are great, one exception though, the small fins on the red spaceship nylon toy were chewed down in a matter of minutes with my crazy chewer. It’s pretty much toast. I’ll have to take a picture and send it to you folks at another time, too busy right now. Nylon toys are usually what last with him. Not that one! The other toys are holding up so far. Both boys enjoyed the liver treats. Both play with the toys a lot. I definitely recommend this box!


We love the toys we received. We tried a different subscription box and were very disappointed but Durapaw sent us toys that our dog didn't chew thru in 10 minutes. We are very happy. The only thing I might want to see is a bone added as a chewy. But we've only received one box so far, maybe other boxes do have bones.


So far so good. Have only had a couple of boxes so still building impressions.

This 1 is tough!

Even my super chewer didn't break it and my less aggressive chewer enjoyed it just as much!

Puppy Pack is amazing!

The perfect box for my wild beast! He loves the treats and toys. Products are excellent quality. He knows the box is just for him. Prompt, friendly customer service and I love that the company is Canadian!

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