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Dog Toy Subscription Box Canada Strong Bond with Dog

Dog Enrichment Toys & Dog Lick Mats

Maintaining a constant rotation of toys will enrich your dogs life. The DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box has a wide variety of dog toys that provide the mental and physical exercise that dogs need to stay active and healthy.

Dog Toy Subscription Box Canada Healthy Digestion Toy

Dog Toy Slow Feeders

We provide you with a unique and durable dog toy enrichment slow feeders every month that encourages healthy digestion. Helps to reduce boredom, anxiety and destructive behaviors.

Dog Toy Subscription Box Canada Enrich Dogs Life

Builds a Stronger Bond With Your Pup

Each new box will connect you and your dog on a deeper emotional level. Spend more time with your pup playing with the toys they love and skip the lines at the pet stores!

Dog Toy Subscription Box Canada Free Shipping

Free Shipping Throughout Canada

Every dog subscription box includes Free tracked shipping! You and your pup can relax stress free and wait for your new DuraPaw doggie box to arrive!

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What's Inside Our Dog Subscription Box?

DuraPaw Dog Toys

Dog Enrichment Toys

DuraPaw Dog Treats and Dog Accessories

Scrumptious Treats & Accessories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide toys that are specially designed for larger dogs. If you have a particularly large breed, we can customize your subscription box to feature extra-large toys that are a perfect fit for your pet.

Not a problem at all! Our Multi-Dog Subscription Box is designed with multi-pet households in mind. It's the perfect solution for families with multiple furry friends. Each Multi-Dog Box is packed with an abundance of toys, treats, and accessories to ensure every one of your dogs gets their fair share of fun and enrichment.

Absolutely! Just email us at hello@durapaw.ca to specify your toy preferences, and we'll tailor your box accordingly.

Each standard DuraPaw box contains 5-6 Pawsome items, including toys, treats, and fun accessories. You also have the option to add extra goodies to your box.

No, you don't! Our plans are flexible, allowing you to choose a delivery frequency of every 1, 2, or 3 months. Feel free to adjust this setting in your account at any time.

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