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Chew Life Colorful Dog Bandana Wearable AccessoryEat Sleep Chew Repeat Dog Bandana Accessory Artwork
Girl Dog Birthday Bandana Confetti Pup PawtyBoy Dog Birthday Bandana Confetti Pup Pawty
Colorful Dinosaur Themed Dog Poop Bag Holder DispenserDinosaur Dog Poop Bag Dispenser
DuraPaw Cute Duck Bowtie Dog Accessory CanadaCute Cat Kitten Wearing Bow Tie Collar With Duck Pattern Design
Cute Dog Bow Tie Accessory Penguin Design For Female and Male Dogs
DuraPaw Domino Dog Bowtie Accessory CanadaCute Dachshund Wearing Adorable Collar Bowtie Gaming Theme
DuraPaw Cute Dog Poop Bag Holder CanadaDuraPaw Canada Dog Poop Bags
DuraPaw Bunny Bowtie Dog Accessory Canada Cute DesignDuraPaw Cute Bunny Dog Bowtie Accessory Canada
Halloween Dog Bandana Wearable Accessory Costume ApparelDuraPaw Halloween Theme Dog Bandana Accessory Canada Costume Ideas
DuraPaw Cute Puppy Dog Collar CanadaDuraPaw Padded Cute Dog Collar Canada
Crazy Cow Cute Pattern Dog Bow Tie
DuraPaw Logo Dog Bowtie Accessory CanadaDog Bandana Bow Tie Accessory
Cute Dog Tie Collar Accessory | Pet Accessories CanadaCute Dog Tie Collar Accessory | Pet Accessories Canada
Canadian Designed DuraPaw Dog Bandana Repeating Blue LogoDog Bandana Accessories Small and Large Dog Breeds

Dog Accessories in Canada

What dog accessories should every pet owner have?

Some of the essential accessories that every pet owner should have include a dog collar, leash, grooming tools, toys, food and water bowls, puppy crate, bedding, toothbrush, and a puppy gate. If you just brought home a new puppy, check out this ultimate guide with the most in-depth list of puppy supplies and accessories you will need.

What dog walking accessories can I get?

There is a wide variety of dog walking accessories to choose from including a collar, harness, poop bag holder, dog boots, jacket, portable water bowls, fanny packs, and more! Dog walking is an excellent activity for both you and your furry friend, and having the appropriate accessories will help make the experience safe and fun.

Will my dog like wearable accessories?

With proper training, most dogs can learn to love wearing a dog collar and readily adapt to other accessories like bandanas and bowties.

How can I clean my dog accessories?

Cleaning your dog's accessories will vary depending on the type of accessory. For instance, fabric poop bag holders may require spot cleaning, while bandanas can typically be washed by hand or in a washing machine. It is recommended to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer for each accessory.

What birthday accessories can I get my dog?

Celebrate your pup's birthday in style with our beloved DuraPaw "Pup Pawty" Bandana, one of our favorite birthday accessories. You can also make your pup's special day even more exciting with party hats, balloons, birthday banners, birthday treats, and even a homemade cake. Don't forget to invite your pup's daycare besties to join the fun!

The Best Canadian Dog Accessories!

Dog accessories are a fun way to express your pup's personality and allow them to stand out from the pack. Whether your dog is playful, sophisticated, or quirky, finding the perfect accessory can enhance their appearance and unique qualities.

DuraPaw has got you covered with a variety of accessories, ranging from birthday bandanas to cute poop bag holders like this DuraPaw 'Doo'nut Poop Bag Holder. You can get a new trendy accessory every month in our DuraPaw monthly subscription box, or purchase them individually as you need them from our shop.

Some accessories can even help reduce anxiety in your dog. Collars with extra padding, like this DuraPaw Bee Design Padded Collar, can help by creating a sense of safety and security for your pup. While some accessories are essential for practical purposes, others serve as fashionable additions. Researching and the finest accessories for your dog can strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion.