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DuraPaw Cute Dog Collars Canada

Cute Dog Collars Canada

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Dog Collar Frequenty Asked Questions

Why do dogs have to wear collars?

A dog collar is an important piece of identification in the event that your dog accidentally escapes, runs away, or becomes lost. It is an optimal location to attach a dog tag which may contain your pup's address, name and phone number.

Do dogs enjoy wearing their collars?

In most cases, dogs actually like wearing their collars, especially when introduced to them properly. Wearing a collar becomes part of their identity and they will start to associate it with fun things like starting the day or going for a walk. Ensure to slowly introduce your dog to their collar and reward them with treats during the process.

Should your dog wear their collar all the time?

Although collars are important, they may not need to be worn at all times. Giving your pup a break from time to time can allow them a chance to relieve any itching and they might also sleep better without them too. Also keep in mind that you will need to periodically clean your dog's collar.

How can I properly size my dog's collar?

The easiest way to identify if a collar is too loose or too tight for your dog is the two finger rule. Generally speaking, you want to be able to fit two fingers between your dog's neck and the collar once it is fastened and secured. If the collar is too loose it could easily get caught on something, or too tight and it may irritate your dog's neck and make it difficult to breath.

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Show your dog how much you love them with a new, stylish, and cute dog collar. Why settle for just one bland collar when you can dress to impress for different events! You wouldn't wear the same shirt every day, would you? So why would you expect your dog to wear the same collar all the time? You can style your pup in new and cute designs for each season or even for a special outing.

Looking for a summer vibe? Check out this fresh and cute Canadian designed 'Bumble Bee' patterned collar for your dog. Your pup will be the buzz of the town! Our DuraPaw dog collars provide a luxurious feel with their comfortable padding.