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Discover a hidden surprise dog toy within toy!
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DuraPaw Rippables Dog Toy Within Toy Bundle Box 4 Pack Pink Blue Squeaky Squirrel 2 in 1 Dog Toy Within Toy
4 Pack Rippables 2 in 1 Dog Toy Bundle
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3 in 1 Igloo Reveal Dog Toy Within Toy Surprise DuraPaw 3 in 1 Dog Toy Within Toy Igloo Penguin Surprise
3-in-1 Icy Igloo Dog Toy Within Toy | 3 Toys in 1
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DuraPaw Rippable Squeaky Squirrel Dog Toy Within Toy DuraPaw Squeaky Squirrel Hidden Dog Toy Within Toy
2 in 1 Squeaky Squirrel | DuraPaw Rippables Dog Toy
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DuraPaw 2 in 1 Rippables Hidden Dog Toy Within Toy Green Dino Golden Retriever Breed Chewing Durable Green Dinosaur 2 in 1 Dog Toy DuraPaw
2 in 1 Fred The Fluff & Seek Dino | DuraPaw Rippables Collection
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DuraPaw 2-in-1 Dog Toy Within Toy Canada Hidden Durable Surprise DuraPaw 2-in-1 Squeak-A-Boo Halloween Dog Toy Within Toy Surprise
2 in 1 Squeak-A-Boo Dog Toy | Durable Hidden Squeaky Toy Inside
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DuraPaw Dog Toy Subscription Box Canada Cute Puppy Posing With DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box
DuraPaw Dog Toy Enrichment Box
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DuraPaw Rippables Dog Toy Within Toy 2-in-1 Rip N Reveal

How 2-in-1 Rippables Work

Play and Cuddle

Rip and Shred It

Discover and Chew

All Fun, No Fluff!

Play and Cuddle:

Engage in endless playtime, whether it's chewing or cuddling the fluffy and adorable toy. You'll almost feel a bit of sadness when it's time to destroy it.

Rip and Shred it:

As your dog's natural instincts kick in, they can unleash their inner shredder and rip apart the outer layer to reveal the hidden surprise toy inside.

Discover and Chew:

Once the outer layer is removed, dogs can happily chew and explore the hidden surprises within, providing extended playtime and stimulation.

DuraPaw 2-in-1 Dog Toy Within Toy Rippables For Dogs

Want More Rippables?

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DuraPaw 2-in-1 Rippables FAQ:

What is a 'DuraPaw Rippable' dog toy?

DuraPaw's 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Dog Toys are part of the new 'Rippables Collection'. These toys are specially designed to be ripped and shredded apart to find more durable hidden dog toy surprises inside, like our 2-in-1 Squeak-a-Boo here! Say bye-bye to fluffy messes all over the floor.

How should I use 2-in-1 Rippables?

Our '2-in-1 Rippables' dog toys can be used just like any other dog toy. Start by allowing your dog to play and interact with the new toy. Once a hole has been started you can assist your pup by cutting, removing, and discarding the outer layer so they can continue to play safely with the hidden toy inside.

Are 2-in-1 dog toys safe?

Yes, our '2-in-1 Rippables' are a safe dog toy, however, it is always recommended to monitor and supervise your dog during play, as with any toy. Review our safety precautions here to ensure safe play with all types of toys.

Is Rippables the Right Choice for My Dog?

From puppies to seniors, our versatile Rippables 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 toys cater to dogs of all life stages. These multi-functional toys are perfect for cuddling, chewing, and engaging in interactive games of fetch.

Are Rippables safe for aggressive chewers?

Yes, our Rippables are specifically designed to cater to aggressive chewers. The toys feature a durable inner rubber toy that can withstand intense chewing. However, it's essential to monitor your dog's interaction with the toy to ensure they do not ingest any part of the outside layer. For your dog's safety, we recommend assisting them in removing the outer layer once it has been ripped open and immediately discarding it.

What are the inner toys made of?

The inner toy of our Rippables is made from high-quality, non-toxic rubber that is designed to withstand aggressive chewing. It's both durable and safe for your dog, providing long-lasting entertainment.

Can I buy the inner toy separately?

While the specific inner toy from our Rippables line is not sold separately, we do offer a range of similar high-quality, durable rubber toys in our online toy shop. These alternatives provide the same long-lasting entertainment and are designed to withstand aggressive chewing. As a subscriber, you may also receive our Rippables in one of your monthly DuraPaw dog subscription boxes.

DuraPaw '2-in-1 Rippables' Dog Toys Canada!

The challenge with the majority of "soft" dog toys is that they get destroyed too quickly. Introducing the solution: DuraPaw's New '2-in-1 Rippables' Dog Toys! Finally, a dog toy that is designed to be ripped, shredded and destroyed, so you can worry less about a fluffy mess all over your floor!

What makes our '2-in-1 Rippables' even better? They are designed and shipped from Canada! You can rest easy knowing that your dog will no longer be chewing a hole in your pocket (pun intended).

DuraPaw Rippables toys are designed to offer enriching experiences for your beloved dog, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? See the rest of our FAQs here.