DuraPaw Dog Box Giveaway Prizes Canada
DuraPaw Dog Box Giveaway Prizes Canada

Dog Box Giveaways

Welcome to our DuraPaw giveaway page where you can win a free dog box!

How Our Giveaway Works

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DuraPaw hosts new giveaways from time to time. Check back often to see our latest giveaway!

Winners of the giveaway will be notified via email and will be featured on our social media stories. Your pup's DuraPaw box will be packed with an overflowing amount of durable toys and delicious treats, ready to be shipped immediately.

Win Free Year Dog Toy Subscription Box
DuraPaw Tough Chewer Dog Subscription Box Canada

Win a DuraPaw Box Full of Toys & Treats!

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With a DuraPaw dog subscription box, you'll enjoy durable toys, tasty treats, and fun customized accessories. Each box is tailored to your dog's preferences, ensuring a personalized experience.

Canadian Dog Box Giveaway FAQ's

How can I enter the DuraPaw dog gift box giveaway?

To get your entry in for our dog gift box giveaway, simply fill out the form above! If you are an existing customer, please ensure you are signed into your account first.

How often can I enter DuraPaw giveaways?

You can submit a new entry for each new giveaway contest. The giveaway prize will be listed within the entry form. Only one entry per customer is required.

How will I find out who won the dog box giveaway?

Giveaway winners are always announced in our Instagram and Facebook stories for 24 hours. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook by clicking below:

You may also receive emails from time to time with the latest information regarding each giveaway.

What day will the winner be announced?

Winners of our dog box giveaways will be announced as per the date below the entry form. Keep a close eye on our social media platforms for the latest updates!

What can I win for entering the dog box giveaway?

Winners will receive a monthly themed box of durable dog toys, delicious treats, and fun accessories! Each monthly box will contain a new theme of goodies for your pup.

Can I enter a new dog box giveaway every month?

You only need to enter once per giveaway post. Check in from time to time to see if there are new giveaways posted to enter!