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DuraPaw Snuffle Balls Mats Canada

Dog Snuffle Mats & Balls

Enrich your dog's playtime with our DuraPaw snuffle toys!

What Would Your Dog Snuffle?

Which one of these dog snuffle mats or dog snuffle balls would your dog want?

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Rainbow Color Puppy Dog Snuffle Ball Pet Sniffing Cute Puppy Dog Sniffing Pet Snuffle Ball Enrichment Slow Feeding Dispenser Toy
Dog Snuffle Ball | Snuffle Enrichment Toy (15cm)
Sale price$13.00 USD Regular price$14.00 USD
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DuraPaw Pup-Corn Dog Snuffle Mat Canada DuraPaw Dog Snuffle Training Sniffing Mat Canada
DuraPaw Pup-Corn Dog Snuffle Mat For Pets
Sale price$15.00 USD Regular price$18.00 USD
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DuraPaw Bee Pet Dog Snuffle Training Mat DuraPaw Dog Snuffle Mat Pet Sniffing Training Canada
DuraPaw Snuffle-Bee Dog Sniffing Training Mat For Pets
Sale price$15.00 USD Regular price$18.00 USD
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Dog Snuffle Bat DuraPaw Dog Toy With Crinkly Wings and Squeaker Crinkly Dog Snuffle Mat Toy Canada
Snuffle Bat | Crinkly Squeaky Dog Toy
Sale price$14.00 USD Regular price$15.00 USD
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DuraPaw Dog Toy Subscription Box Canada Cute Puppy Posing With DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box
DuraPaw Dog Toy Enrichment Box
Sale priceFrom $38.00 USD Regular price$45.00 USD

What Is A Dog Snuffle Toy?

A dog snuffle toy, such as a mat or ball, is a great enrichment puzzle toy with hundreds of hidden sleeves and pockets usually made of polar fleece fabric. Dog snuffle toys are designed to keep your dog's favorite treats or kibbles hidden inside so they can sniff them out.

Dog Snuffle Mats and Balls

What Are Some Benefits of a Dog Snuffle Toy?

A dog snuffle toy can provide mental stimulation, help lower anxiety, slow down feeding, and keep them busy.