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Dog Snuffle Ball | Snuffle Enrichment Toy (15cm)

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Sniff, Seek, and Snuffle!

What a snuffle of joy! With our dog snuffle ball enrichment feeders, you can hide lots of kibble or treats and give your dog a reason to hunt for them. Hide loads of kibble deep into the snuffles and provide a challenge for your dog to keep them busy.

What Is A Dog Snuffle Ball?

A snuffle ball is a great enrichment puzzle toy for dogs with hundreds of hidden sleeves and pockets usually made of polar fleece fabric. Snuffle balls are designed to keep your dog's favorite treats or kibbles hidden inside so they can sniff them out.

Why Use A Dog Snuffle Treat Ball?

Dog snuffle balls can be used to slow down your dogs feeding while providing mental stimulation and preventing bad behaviors.

Get Your Snuffle Game On!

Dog Snuffle Ball Training Enrichment Toy Mat Slow Feeder

The Ultimate Slow Feeder Tool

With over 90 polar fleece sleeves to hide kibble and treats inside, our Snuffle Balls are one of the best slow feeding toys for your dog!

House and Crate Training

Using a snuffle ball for nosework games and crate training makes for perfect daily enrichment activities. Sniffing games can reduce anxiety and lead to a calmer and more well behaved dog.

Customer Reviews

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Alison StJean

My dog is always excited to get her box ! So far she haven’t destroyed any of the toys

Melonie Whitty

The box and all of its content are AMAZING! My dog loves the toys and they are super tough and durable!! A+ for DURAPAW! 🐾♥️🐾


I purchased a subscription and got our first box right away. I am debating getting two boxes for my two dogs, but there was plenty of toys and treats to go around and my dogs loved them all!
I'm delighted to report that ALL the toys that were sent in our first basic box are still standing strong and durable for my two 75lb dogs who are hard chewers and love to play tug with each other.

Box of adventures!

This was our first time with a subscription service and it was definitely a treat! A few fun toys to try with our puppy, some new treats to test and a fun bow tie which was great for those puppy photos!!! Thank you!!

Shelbie N.
One happy customer

I had requested plush only toys cause that’s all my dog will play with, that’s exactly what we got. We can even hide treats in a couple of them! My pup is one happy gal