Durable Dog Toy Subscription Boxes Canada

6 Month Plan - Ultimate Dog Enrichment Box

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Additional Variations:

Additional Variations


Dogs Love This Canadian Dog Subscription Box!

What's Inside?

  • 3 to 4 enriching dog toys
  • 1 bag of tasty treats
  • 1 themed dog accessory

Exciting new themed boxes every month with durable dog enrichment toys, lick mat's, tasty treats and more!

What is Dog Enrichment?

Dog enrichment is the use of dog toy feeders and lick mats, which allow your dog to feel more in control over their environment. Providing these types of enrichment toys for your dog helps to fulfill their natural instinct to hunt and forage for food.

Dog Enrichment Health Benefits

  • Increases mental stimulation
  • Reduce anxiety and distract from stressful events
  • Prevent over-feeding
  • Enhances digestive health by stimulating saliva
  • Entertain your dog when your not around

Customer Reviews

Based on 316 reviews

My dog loves the toys and treats everything is amazing I'm so happy j got this for my dog

Mona Sklaruk
My pups first box

Excellent very impressed with everything in this box.

sean brown
Puppy Love

My American Bully loved her new toys and waits for mailman every day now

Tracey Parnham

Everything that was sent in the first box has been great to this point. The only thing that was destroyed instantly was the plush toy that you sent along. But everything else to this point has been holding up. I've been impressed thank you

Tabatha Weiting
Best Dog Box Hands Down

I've tried them all and this one by far is the Best Quality mad has outlasted my Puppy who chews through everything!