Introducing DuraPaw RIPPABLES New 2-in-1 Hidden Dog Toy Within Toy

DuraPaw Rippables 2-in-1 Dog Toy Within Toy Canada

Introducing DuraPaw RIPPABLES Dog Toy Within Toy!

Discover the latest addition to the DuraPaw family - the adorable and exciting DuraPaw Rippables! These 2-in-1 dog toys combine cuteness with durability, ensuring hours of joy for your furry friend. Get ready to explore the world of Rippables, where fluffy exteriors meet surprising inner treasures.

What is a DuraPaw Rippable?

DuraPaw Rippables are innovative puzzle dog toys designed to provide double the entertainment. The name "Rippables" comes from the interactive nature of the toy, prompting and encouraging your dog to "rip" or tear apart the outer layer, revealing the inner rubber toy. Each Rippable features a charming fluffy exterior, complete with a quirky and funny face. But here's the twist - your canine companion gets to unleash the excitement by tearing apart the outer layer to reveal the hidden surprise inside. It's a great mentally engaging experience that satisfies both play and curiosity.

DuraPaw Rippables 2-in-1 Dog Toy Within Toy Hidden Surprise Inside

How Does a DuraPaw Rippable Work?

  1. Choose a Rippable: Select from a range of cute characters, each with its own personality.
  2. Rip the Exterior: Watch as your dog tears apart the fluffy plush outer layer to uncover the surprise inside.
  3. Discover and Play: Reveal the hidden toy within and continue playing.

Are 2-in-1 Rippables Toys Good for My Dog?

Absolutely, the new DuraPaw Rippables toys are not only beneficial for your dog, but they also contribute to their mental stimulation and offer incredible value. Unlike conventional soft plush toys that must be discarded after being torn apart, which can become quite expensive, DuraPaw Rippables offer more. Chewing through the plush and fluffy exterior is only the beginning!

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Are Rippables Good for Tough Chewer Dog Breeds?

DuraPaw Rippables are designed to withstand rigorous play and tough chewing. These new cute and fluffy characters are intended to replace the traditional softer plush stuffed toys, which often don't last longer than 5 minutes with most aggressive chewers. The fluffy exterior is intentionally designed for eventual destruction, revealing the hidden rubber toy inside that ensures a long-lasting chewing experience.

What's Inside of a DuraPaw Rippable Dog Toy?

Curious to know what kind of hidden surprises you may find inside of a new DuraPaw Rippables 2-in-1 dog toy? You will find an assortment of different rubber toys and balls including squeaker balls, enrichment feeder balls, solid rubber balls, and much more!

New DuraPaw Rippables Dog Toy Within Toy

What is a 2-in-1 Dog Toy Within Toy?

A 2-in-1 dog toy is a dual-layer toy that combines a soft, fluffy exterior with a durable rubber interior. The innovative design of a 2-in-1 toy often enhances mental stimulation, encourages interactive play, and provides entertainment that goes beyond a single-purpose toy.

DuraPaw Rippables Cute Yellow Rip-It-Up-Duck Durable Dog Toy Within Toy

What is a 3-in-1 Dog Toy Within Toy?

Much like the 2-in-1 toys, a 3-in-1 toy features a triple-layered design with the intent to be torn apart, unveiling a new toy each time inside. By revealing surprises one after the other, 3-in-1 dog toys stimulate mental engagement, promote physical activity, and extend the joy of playtime.

DuraPaw Rippables v. Regular Plush Toys

Wondering how Rippables compare to regular plush toys in terms of fun and longevity?

DuraPaw Rippables

Regular Plush Toy

2-in-1 toy providing double the fun Single toy
Designed to be ripped apart Must be thrown away once ripped
All fun, no fluff Fluffy mess all over the floor
Bouncy and great for fetch Doesn't bounce
Hours of entertainment Destroyed in less than 5 minutes

Why Does My Dog Destroy Toys?

In some cases, your dog may be destroying their toys out of boredom or has too much pent up energy. In other cases, it could simply be the wrong toy for the job and they may need a more durable option. A soft plush filled toy won't stand up to a bored and energetic pup, until now!

DuraPaw Rippables are designed and intended for bored and energetic dogs to allow them a chance to destroy a toy without remorse. They put a whole new spin to "my dog destroys everything", because now they can.

DuraPaw Rippables 2-in-1 Durable Dog Toy Within Toy

Do 2-in-1 Rippables Provide Enrichment For My Dog?

Absolutely! Rippables are designed to provide enrichment for your dog. Here's how:

Mental Stimulation: The interactive nature of Rippables encourages your dog to figure out how to access the hidden toy inside. This mental challenge keeps their brain engaged and sharp.

Physical Activity: The act of tearing apart the plush exterior is not only fun but also provides physical exercise for your dog. It's an active and stimulating playtime.

Sensory Engagement: Rippables appeal to your dog's senses with their fluffy textures and intriguing hidden surprises. This sensory engagement adds to the overall enrichment experience.

Problem-Solving: Dogs enjoy the challenge of solving problems, and Rippables offer just that. They have to figure out how to access the inner toy, which can be a rewarding puzzle for them to solve.

Longer Playtime: Unlike traditional plush toys that may be quickly destroyed, Rippables' durable design prolongs playtime, giving your dog extended enrichment.

Rippables are an excellent way to provide mental and physical enrichment for your dog while keeping them entertained and engaged.

2 in 1 Reveal Dog Toy Within Toy Hidden Surprise

Are Rippables suitable for puppies, adult dogs, or seniors?

DuraPaw Rippables are designed to bring joy and engagement to dogs of all ages! Whether you have a playful puppy, a lively adult dog, or a senior companion, Rippables offer something special for dogs of every stage in life. As always, it's important to supervise playtime and ensure that the toy is appropriate for your dog's individual needs.

Looking for tips on introducing your dog to their new Rippable for maximum fun?

Introducing your dog to their new Rippable can be an exciting experience. To ensure maximum fun and a smooth transition, here are some tips:

  • Supervised Introduction: Begin by supervising your dog during their first interaction with the Rippable. This allows you to gauge their response and ensure safe play.
  • Create Excitement: Encourage excitement by showing your dog the Rippable and letting them see and sniff it before playtime begins. Use enthusiastic, positive language to pique their interest.
  • Interactive Play: Initiate playtime with the Rippable by engaging your dog in a game of fetch or tug-of-war. The interactive nature of Rippables can make playtime more enjoyable.
  • Praise and Rewards: Give your dog tasty treats as rewards while they play with Rippables. Using positive reinforcement helps to enhance their attraction to the toy.
  • Gradual Introduction: If your dog is hesitant at first, don't worry. Some dogs may take a little time to warm up to new toys. Be patient and allow them to explore the Rippable at their own pace.
  • Rotate Toys: To keep the novelty alive, rotate Rippables with other toys in your dog's collection. This can help prevent boredom and maintains their interest in toys for longer.
  • Playtime Together: Join in the fun! Playing together with your dog and their Rippable strengthens the bond between you and enhances their enjoyment.
  • Safety First: Always prioritize your dog's safety. If the Rippable becomes torn to the point where it may become a hazard, assist your dog by removing the fluffy exterior layer and reward them with the hidden surprise inside.
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Design Your Own 2 in 1 Rippable Dog Toy

Calling all dog lovers and creative minds to co-design our newest 2-in-1 masterpiece for our upcoming theme. Join the paw-some party and help us fetch the next big thing in dog toys! Let's bark up the right tree together!

What does a 2 in 1 Rippables Bundle include?

Our DuraPaw 2 in 1 Rippables dog toy bundle includes four of our best-selling fluffy and charismatic characters! Each of the four toys also contains at least one bonus toy inside, making this bundle more than 8 toys total! Your dog can have fun ripping and shredding all of the following toys:

  • Rip It Up Duck 2 in 1 Rippable
  • Fred The Fluffy Dino 2 in 1 Rippable
  • Squeaky Squirrel 2 in 1 Rippable
  • Icy Igloo 3 in 1 Rippable
DuraPaw Reveal 2 in 1 Dog Toy Within Toy Rippables Bundle Sale

Considering a DuraPaw subscription box but want to learn more about the perks, including Rippables?

When you subscribe to DuraPaw's monthly subscription box, you're not just signing up for a box of goodies; you're joining a community of pet lovers who believe in providing the best for their furry companions. Here's what you can expect from our subscription box:

  • Monthly surprises
  • Exclusive Rippables
  • Variety for every Pup
  • Unboxing excitement
  • Flexibility
  • Community and support

Best Dog Toy Enrichment Box Canada

Where Can I Get DuraPaw Rippables?

DuraPaw Rippables can be purchased individual through our toy shop, or you can find these fluffy characters in a DuraPaw monthly subscription box for your dog. If you are interested about dog subscription boxes, which can save you 30% or more, check out this article about 'Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It' here.