DuraPaw Announces "Price Promise Guarantee": Your Subscription Box Price Will Never Increase!

DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box Price Will Never Increase

Your DuraPaw Dog Subscription Price Will Never Increase!

DuraPaw, a leading provider of premium dog toys, treats, and pet products, is thrilled to announce an exclusive "Price Promise Guarantee" for its active and loyal monthly subscribers. This exciting initiative ensures that loyal subscribers will continue to enjoy their favorite dog goodies at the same price they signed up for, even as prices increase for new customers in response to inflation.

We understand the importance of appreciating our dedicated customers. The "Price Promise" feature underlines our commitment to rewarding loyalty and fostering long-lasting relationships with our valued subscribers. This means that active subscribers can rest assured that the cost of their beloved DuraPaw subscription box will never go up, providing peace of mind and cost stability for their furry friends.

CEO Marc Ferland expressed his enthusiasm for this customer-centric initiative, stating, "Our goal is to give back to our loyal customers wherever we can, and we feel rewarding loyalty is very important to us." With this move, DuraPaw not only demonstrates its dedication to providing high-quality products but also its commitment to delivering exceptional value to its subscribers.

DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box Price Lock Guarantee for Active Subscribers

DuraPaw Price Promise FAQ's

When does the DuraPaw Price Promise Guarantee take effect for current subscribers?

This "Price Promise Guarantee" benefit is set to commence immediately, ensuring that active monthly subscribers can continue enjoying the DuraPaw experience without any unexpected price increases. DuraPaw remains devoted to making the lives of pets and their owners more enjoyable, one box at a time.

Do I need to take any action to activate the "Price Promise" benefit?

Everything is taken care of automatically, and no action is required on your part. The Price Promise Guarantee benefit automatically applies to all active monthly subscribers.

What happens if I cancel my DuraPaw subscription and come back later?

If you cancel your DuraPaw subscription and later decide to rejoin, please note that you will not retain the Price Promise benefit. This benefit is designed to apply continuously to subscribers who maintain an active subscription without interruptions.

When you rejoin, you will be subject to the current subscription price at that time, which may have changed due to inflation or other factors.

Can we keep our Price Promise even if we change our subscription plan?

You can change your monthly dog subscription plan without the risk of losing the Price Promise benefit at any time. As long as you remain an active subscriber you will always benefit from this feature.

Will My DuraPaw Subscription Price Promise Guarantee Ever Expire?

Your price will remain unchanged as long as you keep your dog's subscription active. Whether it's 5 years or even 15 years down the line, your price will remain unchanged as long as you haven't canceled your subscription.

What made DuraPaw decide to lock in prices for current subscribers?

It was an easy choice for us to extend these savings to our loyal monthly subscribers. We believe that if a customer enjoys our monthly dog subscription boxes year after year, it's only fair that we should do everything we can to protect them from inflation.

Let's Recap: DuraPaw's Dog Subscription Box Price Promise Guarantee Benefits!

At DuraPaw, we recognize the significance of ensuring our loyal subscribers enjoy peace of mind and financial stability. Having the ability to price lock helps maintain a cheap and affordable dog subscription box for the long term. Let's recap the key advantages of our "Price Promise Guarantee" feature for our Dog Subscription Box. With this feature, you can maintain a consistent price for dog toys, treats, and other pet related products, unaffected by inflation. Your loyalty is our top priority, and we are committed to rewarding it. Here's a summary of the outstanding benefits you receive when purchasing a DuraPaw subscription for your pup:

  • Price Consistency
  • Inflation Protection
  • Subscription Flexibility
  • Personalization Options
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

We value your place in our DuraPaw family and look forward to providing ongoing joy and cost savings to you and your cherished furry companion!