DuraPaw Enrichment Big Dog Toy Hard Rubber Ring Feeder
Big Dog Enrichment Toy Hard Rubber Durable Ring Feeder
Big Dog Enrichment Toy Rubber Ring Size and Durability Chart

Durable Hard Rubber Enrichment Ring Big Dog Toy

Sale price$15.00 USD

Dog Enrichment Toy For Big Dogs!

Stuff it, Freeze it, Feed it, and clean it safely in your dishwasher! This durable dog enrichment ring is made for big dogs and can withstand the biggest and toughest chewers!

Key Benefits

  • Use as a slow feeder lick mat enrichment toy
  • Freeze to extend play time
  • Mentally stimulate your dog and feed their natural instinct to hunt for their food
  • Help your dog fight boredom
  • Reduce problem behaviors such as destructive chewing and separation anxiety

Dog Safe Materials

This big dog toy is made of safe, high quality, non toxic, and chew resistant materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 434 reviews
Christina Wilson
Happy Pupper

I got Moose in July when he was 4 months old. We have been getting the DuraPaw boxes shortly after that. They have been amazing! We unbox it together and he instantly loves all of the things that come in it. A couple months ago I upgraded my subscription to include tough chews (Moose is now 91 pounds and loves to chew). The change was extremely easy and has been a great decision! I would recommend this box to anyone. Moose approved!

GWEN Isaacs

Puppy love!

Tasha Kennedy
My girl loves DuraPaw

We love the toys and treats! I am just as excited as my girl is when the box arrives and she knows it’s hers as soon as it comes in the door. Awesome durable toys:)

Pauline Oneill
Dog subscription box

Furgie loved all her toys!!!! She lived ripping open the one toy to find another!

Amanda Helsdon

My puppy loves her box. The treat are yummy.