SodaPup Gift Box Treat Dispenser Birthday Dog Toy
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SodaPup Gift Box Treat Dispenser Birthday Dog Toy

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Durable Gift Box Treat Dispenser!

Stuff this birthday gift box full of your dog's favorite kibble or treats and keep them busy for hours at a time. Help reduce anxiety and discourage destructive behaviors.

Fun Birthday Surprises Inside

Spoil your pup this year and hide Christmas and birthday surprises inside this treat dispenser. Designed with strength in mind and able to withstand the jaws of even the most "power chewer" dogs.

Slow Feeder Benefits

Use this food dispenser to help slow down your dogs eating habits which can help with digestion and reduce bloat.

Dog Enrichment Key Benefits

  • Help reduce separation anxiety
  • Mentally stimulate your dog and feed their natural instinct to hunt for their food
  • Help your dog fight boredom
  • Reduce problem behaviors such as destructive chewing

Customer Reviews

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Julie Martin
Super nice

Dog loved some of the toy, the rest will be donated to shelter :) since she is a puppy it’s nice to see her going bonkers for some of the toys!


We have previously subscribed to other monthly boxes Durapaw by far has been better than expected. Our Aussie chews through toys faster than we can buy them the quality in these monthly boxes are durable and so far have lasted. Our boy loves getting these boxes he knows immediately when it comes in it’s for him.

Karen Moore
Happy Dog

I've been on the hunt for this exact toy for a long time. I'm so happy I was able to find another one for my furdaughter. She had the same toy for about 6 years and it was just crumbling, I felt so bad when I had to throw it out. You should've seen her beautiful face when I opened the mail package, she was wagging her stubby and SO excited. It's even better that I found it in Canada :-) Great toy for a power chewer like my Doberman.

Sierra Robichaud
Very durable

My pup loves all the toys that come in the box, he’s a cane corso, and they withstand his powerful chewing. They are long lasting and keep him busy when I am busy. The treats, I assume are delicious because he always wants more. He also hasn’t had an allergic reaction to them, so we appreciate that! I also appreciate that the “stuffed toys” come with another toy inside. The ball inside this Dino is one of his favourites. And how cute is he wearing the bow tie!

Michael Labencki

12 Month Plan - Ultimate Dog Enrichment Box