Squirrel Hunt Monthly Dog Subscription Box Theme
Squirrel Hunt Monthly Dog Subscription Box Theme

Squirrel Scavenger Hunt

A monthly Squirrel Scavenger Hunt Dog Box

DuraPaw Rippable Squeaky Squirrel Dog Toy Within Toy

Featured Toy

2 in 1 Squeaky Squirrel

What do dogs love most? Crinkles and squeakers! This nutty squirrel has both for your pup to enjoy.

Rainbow Color Puppy Dog Snuffle Ball Pet Sniffing

Enrichment Feeder

Snuffle Ball: The Treat-Finding Frenzy!

Is your pup a master detective with a nose for adventure? This Snuffle Ball is like a hidden treasure chest for their sniffing skills! Cram it full of yummy treats and watch them go wild for kibble!

Yellow Acorn Tough Rubber Dog Toy Teeth Cleaning Bristles

Tough Rubber

Squeaky Acorn Surprise

This bright yellow acorn is built to last, even against the most determined chewers. Don't be fooled by its cute looks, there's a hilarious squeak hiding inside for an extra layer of playtime fun!

Sodapup Peanut Nylon Dog Chew Toy

Bonus Toy

Nylon Peanut Chew

This mighty Nylon Peanut Chew is built for a marathon of chomping sessions. It's tough enough to satisfy even the most aggressive chewers, and keeps those pearly whites squeaky clean.

Featured Dog Treats

Cookie Pal Peanut Butter & Apple

These aren't your average dog biscuits! Cookie Pal Peanut Butter & Apple treats are a drool-worthy duo of creamy peanut butter and tangy apple, baked to crispy perfection.

Extra Dog Treats

Cookie Pal Blueberry & Pumpkin

These treats are a taste sensation your pup will gobble up faster than a squirrel in a pumpkin patch! Bursting with juicy blueberries and delightful pumpkin, they're a healthy and delicious snack.

Cute Squirrel Get Nutty Themed Dog Bandana Accessory

Featured Accessory

Get Nutty Bandana

This "Get Nutty" Bandana is the pawfect accessory for any pup who wants to embrace their wild side. With a nutty design (pun intended!), it's sure to turn heads (and maybe a few squirrels!) during your next walk.

Cute Golden Retriever Playing With 2 in 1 Squeaky Squirrel Toy Within Toy

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