Barkfast Dog Subscription Box Theme
Barkfast Dog Subscription Box Theme

Canine Cuisine

Breakfast in bed for your furry friend!

3 in 1 Igloo Reveal Dog Toy Within Toy Surprise DuraPaw

Featured 3 in 1 Toy

Icy Igloo & Penguin Surprise

Unwrap an Arctic Adventure! The Icy Igloo & Penguin Surprise is a plush igloo hiding a chilly surprise – a squeaky penguin pal! This duo is perfect for cuddling, burrowing, and hiding & seek games. Will your pup find the hidden penguin first?

Treat Dispenser

Rubber Penguin Pal

Your new Squeaky South Pole Pal! The Rubber Penguin Pal is a waddling wonder. This treat dispenser pal is perfect for fetching, chasing, and even some kibble surprises!

Nylon Dog Chew Toy Snowflake Enrichment Feeder

Nylon Chew Toy

Snowflake Chew

Winter Chill with a Chew! The Snowflake Chew isn't just a pretty flake (face). This durable nylon toy is built for epic chomping adventures. Multiple textured surfaces keep things interesting, and the snowflake design adds a touch of winter magic to playtime.

Bonus Nylon Chew Toy

Barkin' Hot Dawg

Chompzilla Hot Dog: Satisfy your pup's inner champion with this super tough chew toy. Built for legendary chewers, it's playtime without the ketchup!

DuraPaw Foley Elk with Berries Frosty Paws Dog Treats Canada

Featured Dog Treats

Frosty Paws Elk with Berries

Winter Wonderland Treat! The Frosty Paws Elk with Berries transforms snack time into a mini adventure! Each chomp is a delicious surprise, keeping your pup engaged and excited for more.

DuraPaw Cute Penguin Designed Dog Collar Designed in Canada

Featured Accessory

Penguin Parade Dog Collar

Waddle Walkies! Strut your pup's stuff with the Penguin Parade Dog Collar! This adorable collar features a line-up of waddling penguins, ready to join your pup on all their adventures.

Cute Dog Playing with Winter Themed Dog Toys

Want a DuraPaw Box?

Join the 'Fur-ever' FUN!

Dive into winter fun with a DuraPaw box delivered straight to your igloo (or, you know, your house)! This month's theme is "Penguin Party on Ice," overflowing with chilly surprises for your pup! Sign up today and join the pack of happy, well-fished pups!

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