Barkfast Dog Subscription Box Theme
Barkfast Dog Subscription Box Theme

Canine Cuisine

Breakfast in bed for your furry friend!

Unbox Breakfast in Bed

DuraPaw 2 in 1 Hidden Surprise Egg Dog Toy Within Toy

Featured 2 in 1 Toy

Sunny Side Surprise Egg

Is your pup feeling a little yolky? Brighten their day with the Sunny Side Up Egg! This squeaky, chewy masterpiece is the perfect breakfast for playful pups.

DuraPaw Super Tough Nylon Frying Pan Dog Chew Toy Canada

Nylon Chew Toy

Paws N Pans Nylon Toy

Calling all culinary canine connoisseurs! The Paws N Pans Nylon Toy isn't just for tough chompers, it's a delicious challenge too! This durable nylon pan is packed with grooves that hold onto treats, turning playtime into a tasty treasure hunt.

Dog Lick Mat

Woofle Lick Mat

Slow down mealtime or soothe anxiety with yummy fun! This waffle inspired lick mat lets you spread tasty treats, keeping pups entertained and relaxed.

DuraPaw Durable Dog Toy Slow Feeder Treat Dispenser

Enrichment Slow Feeder

Breakfast Delight Feeder

Ditch the boring bowl and dive into breakfast fun with the Breakfast Delight Feeder! This pawsome puzzle keeps your pup entertained and engaged while they work for their morning meal.

Dehydrated Single Ingredient Pork Liver Dog Treats DuraPaw Breakfast Bites

Featured Dog Treats

Pork Liver Breakfast Bites

Paws up for Barkfast! Skip the boring bowl, it's time for a "Paws for Breakfast" power up with DuraPaw's Breakfast Bites! These protein-rich treats are made with real pork liver, offering a morning boost of energy.

Cute Fun Breakfast Dog Themed Bow Tie Green Eggs Ham

Featured Accessory

Barkfast Green Eggs & Ham Bow Tie

Ditch the toast, your pup deserve a full breakfast experience! Our Barkfast Green Eggs & Ham Bow Tie is more than stylish, it's a conversation starter. Get ready for endless amusement!

Dog Chewing Frying Pan Super Tough Dog Chew Toy

Want a DuraPaw Box?

Join the 'Fur-ever' FUN!

Get your pup's tail wagging with a DuraPaw box delivered straight to your door. This month brings a brand new theme overflowing with breakfast surprises! We're talking waffles, squeaky eggs, and puzzles packed with pawsome treats. Sign up today and join the pack of happy, well-fueled pups!

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