What is the Perfect Halloween Dog Toy and Treat Box

DuraPaw Halloween Gift Ideas Dog Toy Subscription Box Canada

What is the Best Halloween Dog Toy Box?

Are you looking for the best Halloween box to spook your pooch this season? Look no further than the DuraPaw Halloween box! It's a Halloween extravaganza packed with thrilling 2-in-1 toys, including this Squeak-a-Boo toy, and delectable Canadian-made Halloween treats that your dog won't be able to resist.

Do You Love Halloween?

Do you want to spook your dog this Halloween? This Halloween season we have the most perfect and unique gift idea that will be fun for you and your furry companion!

Check out this new dog box loaded with durable dog toys, scrumptious treats, and fun accessories from DuraPaw! DuraPaw has a huge selection of dog toys and even features an exclusive Halloween pack.

What's Inside The DuraPaw Halloween Box?

You will get an exclusive DuraPaw Designed Halloween Pumpkin Dog Toy - as seen below!

DuraPaw Halloween Pumpkin Plush Dog Toy

This pumpkin plush dog toy is very squishy and has a loud squeaker and crinkle paper inside! DuraPaw designs their exclusive dog toys right here in Canada too!

Next up is this Spooky Ghost Dog Toy - as seen below!

 DuraPaw Halloween Ghost Plush Dog Toy Gift Idea

This ghost dog toy is a Halloween favorite! It features a cotton rope weaved through and around the toy to make it more interactive and fun. Dogs go absolutely crazy for it!

Can't forget these Durable and Tough Rubber Feeder!

 DuraPaw Durable Interactive Dog Toy Feeder Treat Dispenser

These feeders are made of 100% Natural Rubber material and can withstand the toughest dog chewers! They come in different sizes as well so depending what size dog you have it will always be a perfect fit!

Scrumptious Pumpkin Dog Treats!

 DuraPaw Halloween Pumpkin All Natural Dog Treats

These dog treats are a fan favorite in the doggy world! Not only is the main ingredient Pumpkin, but they are also shaped like little mini pumpkins!

Time to Dress Up Your Dog for Halloween with this DuraPaw Exclusive Dog Bandana!

 DuraPaw Exclusive Halloween Dog Bandana Accessory

DuraPaw also includes a cute Halloween themed custom Canadian designed bandana! The bandana also comes in various sizes to fit every dog perfectly. 

If this Halloween dog box sounds like something your dog would absolutely love then Click here to get started and order your DuraPaw box now!