Top 3 Best Impressive and Easy Dog Tricks to Teach Your Pup

Teach and Learn the Best Dog Tricks Nose Boop, Sit Pretty, Take A Bow

Easiest Tricks to Start Teaching Your Dog

Whether you have just gotten a new dog, intend to get one soon, or want to teach an old dog some new tricks, we have compiled a list of the top 3 most impressive and easiest tricks to teach. With only 5-10 minutes per day, you can easily teach many impressive but simple commands.

What Are the Easiest Tricks to Teach My Dog?

Other than the obvious "sit", "laydown", and "stay", we wanted to share some unique and easy tricks you can teach your dog today. In this guide, we'll introduce you to creative and easy-to-learn tricks that will not only engage your dog but also strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

1. Sit Pretty

How To Teach Sit Pretty Best Dog Tricks

Take the simple "sit" command to the next level by maneuvering your dog to lift his or her front legs up into a perch-like position. To start, have your dog in the sit position and lure a training treat over their nose until their paws lift off the ground. If they are having a hard time balancing, you can let them rest their paws on your arm. Continue to encourage them to reach for the treat and reward them. Eventually, you will want to fade out the treat and just use your empty hand, once they accomplish 'Sitting Pretty' reward them with a treat from your other hand. Take it slow and remember to keep training sessions short and positive!

We recommend this video to learn more about this trick!

2. Take a Bow

How To Teach Take A Bow Best Dog Tricks

To start this trick, have your dog standing on all four legs and kneel down beside them. Place one arm below their belly to support their back end, and lure their head into a 'down' position with your other hand. This should accomplish a bow like position where their head is down to the floor and their back end is supported upwards by your arm. As soon as your dog makes any effort to go down with their front paws, quickly reward them with a confirming "yes" and a treat. As you progressively teach this trick, you may start to remove the treat and also use less pressure on your arm supporting their back end until its not needed anymore.

We recommend watching this video for learning more about teaching your dog to take a bow!

3. Nose Boop

How To Teach Nose Boop Best Dog Tricks

Open one hand and lure your dog nose forward with a treat with your other hand. You will want your dog to lean in and rest its chin on your open hand. Every time your pup leans in and rests on your open hand reward them with a "Yes" and treat! Once your dog is more comfortable begin making a circle with your hand and lure your dogs nose through the circle. Reward with a "Yes" or "Boop" and a tasty treat! Replace your hand with a plush donut toy to make it more fun! You can order a large plush dog toy doughnut from DuraPaw through this link here!

We recommend watching this video for more tips!

Should I Teach My Dog Tricks?

Teaching your dog tricks can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both of you. It can help strengthen the bond you have together and give your dog more confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Plus, practicing new tricks together is a fantastic way to keep your dog's mind engaged and enriched.

What Age Should I Start Teaching My Dog Tricks?

You can start to teach basic commands as soon as your dog comes home to you. This will help teach obedience and provide a solid foundation for you and your dog to work on together.