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Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated Dog Treats

Freeze Dried Dog Treats vs. Dehydrated Dog Treats

It can be a little bit overwhelming looking at a long shelf full of different dog treat options. Especially when each bag has a long list of ingredients you have never heard of. This is what makes both freeze dried dog treats and dehydrated dog treats so great! There is typically only one ingredient in both types of treats, which is usually a healthy protein such as chicken, beef, fish, bison, pork and even kangaroo. There are so many great reasons to give these new Canadian trendy treats a try! But first, lets dive in and learn about the differences between freeze dried and dehydrated.

What Are Freeze Dried Dog Treats?

Freeze dried dog treats are raw cuts of meat that are flash frozen at really low temperatures. Dog treats and food that have been freeze dried will retain nutrients, smell, and flavor, and make a healthy snack or meal for your pup. In the manufacturing process of making freeze-dried dog treats, approximately 98% to 99% of the moisture is removed, resulting in treats that remain shelf stable for a long time and do not require refrigeration.

Freeze Dried Dog Food and Treats

What Are Dehydrated Dog Treats?

Dehydrated dog treats are essentially air dried treats that are slowly heated up to reduce the moisture content. This process dehydrates the meat which also increases the shelf life of the treats. Both freeze drying and dehydrating slowly with heat eliminate the need for preservatives and make great healthy treats.

Dehydrated Dog Treats Canada

Which Is Better: Freeze Dried or Dehydrated?

Deciding which type of treats are better will highly depend on your dog's preferences and diet. While there may be no clear winner, we can still analyze the pros and cons of each method. Have a look at the below 5 categories we put together to see who we believe the respective winners are.

1. Flavor and taste

Winner: Both Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Dog Treats

While we don't taste test the treats ourselves, we find that our dogs love both equally! One could possibly argue that the process of flash freeze drying dog food and treats may help lock in more flavor faster.

2. Texture

Winner: Freeze Dried Dog Treats

The difference between the texture of dehydrated and freeze-dried dog treats is significant, since dehydrated treats are so crunchy whereas freeze dried treats are so soft. Despite the differences in texture, what gives freeze dried treats the upper hand is the ability to rehydrate them and use as a food topper as well.

3. Shelf Life

Winner: Freeze Dried Dog Treats

In order to understand and answer this question we must take a deeper dive into the moisture content of each type of dog treat. Generally, dehydrated dog treats remove 90% to 95% of moisture, while freeze dried dog treats remove closer to 98% to 99%. This gives freeze dried dog treats the win for longer shelf life. Always refer to the expiration date on the package to determine freshness and store in a cool, dry and dark location.

4. Nutritional Value

Winner: Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Due to the flash freezing process, more nutrients are locked in making freeze dried dog treats the more nutritious treat option. It is thought that dehydrated treats do lose some of its nutritional value during the slow heating process.

5. Price

Winner: Dehydrated Dog Treats

When it comes to just dog treats, the price is not that different, but dehydrated treats are slightly less expensive. If price is important than you cannot go wrong with dehydrated dog treats!

We recommend just having both freeze dried and dehydrated treats in your house, your dog will love it!

Different Ways To Use Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Freeze dried dog treats can be used in a number of different ways. Understanding and becoming familiar with these techniques can prove to be very useful. Here is a list of 3 different ways you can use freeze dried dog treats for your pup.

  1. Rehydrate with water.
  2. Use as a food topper.
  3. Training rewards.

Rehydrating Freeze Dried Dog Treats

One of our favorite benefits about freeze dried dog treats is that you can rehydrate them using a little bit of warm water. Rehydration can provide the benefit of hydrating your dog while they eat so they are not solely dependent on drinking water.

Use As Food Topper

Using freeze dried dog treats as a food topper is just another reason why these treats prevail over others. Simply crumble one of the treats between your fingers to create a fine-like dust that can be sprinkled over your dogs kibble. This provides a nutritious and delicious topper for your dog to enjoy.

Training Rewards

Both freeze dried and dehydrated dog treats make for great dog/puppy training rewards. They are a healthy treat option that you can use to teach new tricks and general obedience. Remember to always provide fresh water at all times and account for your dogs current daily food intake (as per the back of the bag) to reduce/adjust their kibble amount appropriately.

Puppy Training Treats Canada

What Are The Best Meats To Feed My Dog?

Dogs can be very picky with their food or have quite the sensitive tummy. Every meat can vary in texture, smell and taste, which can affect your dogs willingness to eat it. Below is a list of common and uncommon meats that are available for your dog to try.

  1. Chicken
  2. Beef
  3. Pork
  4. Turkey
  5. Duck
  6. Lamb
  7. Salmon
  8. Tuna
  9. Venison
  10. Kangaroo
  11. Bison
  12. Goat
  13. Sardines

Rare meats such as kangaroo meat can be better for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food intolerances. Kangaroo meat is one of the lowest fat meats which makes it easy to digest and is also rich in vitamins.

    How Many Treats Should I Give My Dog a Day?

    While there is no exact limit on how many treats to give your dog per day, there does need to be some mindfulness and moderation. As a general rule of thumb, 10% of your dogs daily food intake can be from treats. Just like humans, it is not healthy to eat too much snack food. It is typically okay to feed your dog a couple treats per day, but this will depend on the size of the treat and also the manufacturers recommendations as it can vary lots from brand to brand.

    Should I Feed My Dog Freeze Dried Food?

    Okay, enough about treats, what about my dogs food? Can I feed my dog freeze dried food for breakfast and dinner? The answer is yes, although it can be a more expensive route for you. Freeze dried dog food is very nutritious and can help picky eaters become more interested in their food. Some freeze dried dog food brands will recommend you rehydrate it with water or broth, and others say its fine to eat it right from the bag as is. If you have a picky eater and the high sticker price doesn't scare you off, freeze dried dog food might be a good option for you.

    Do You Have To Refrigerate Freeze Dried Dog Food/Treats?

    Most bags of freeze dried dog food or dog treats will come in resealable bags and do not need to be refrigerated. However, it is worth noting that once you rehydrate your freeze dried food or treats with water or broth, it should then be treated as raw meat and either frozen or refrigerated.

    Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Raw?

    Technically, yes it is raw meat that has been flash frozen and lacks moisture. Once rehydrated with water, its properties will be almost the same as raw meat.

    Learn more about raw food diets by reading this article about Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat?

    What Are The Best Freeze Dried Dog Treats?

    With many great treats to choose from, we recommend The Dancing Dog Freeze Dried Dog Treats! The Dancing Dog sources only the highest quality fresh meat right from Alberta, Canada.

    Freeze Dried Dog Treats Canada

    What Are The Best Dehydrated Dog Treats?

    There are multiple varieties of different dehydrated dog treats on the market for you to explore! We recommend trying Yappetizers Dehydrated Dog Treats! Yappetizers is a trusted brand here in Canada and they have a wide range of flavors and proteins available.

    Dehydrated Dog Treats Canada

    The Best Freeze Dried Dog Food

    There are many options to choose from for freeze dried dog food. Here is a list of some popular brands to help get you started on your search!

    1. Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food
    2. Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets
    3. Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Dog Foods

    Let's Recap: Freeze Dried Dog Treats vs Dehydrated Dog Treats

    When it comes to freeze dried vs dehydrated dog treats, it really comes down to personal preference in the end. Although freeze dried food and treats seem to be better at first glance, you do not need to avoid dehydrated treats. Both options are nutritious, healthy and delicious!