Best Fun Things To Do With Your Dog | Dog Activity Ideas

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

What Are Some Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Did you just get a new puppy or looking for more activities to do with your dog? Spending time with your dog and doing fun things with them is a great way to build a strong emotional bond. You should try to spend at least 1-2 hours per day doing activities with your dog. Doing activities with your dog does not need to be a huge task, simply throwing the ball around the house or doing some basic dog training and obedience inside will do the trick. Every dog and breed will have a unique set of needs, for example, a Border Collie will likely require a lot more mental stimulation than a French Bulldog.

15 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog

Whether you're looking for new things to do with your dog or just need some inspiration, here are 15 fun activities you can do together.

1. Playing Fetch

A simple game of fetch, whether indoors or outdoors, can tire your dog out quickly. Most dogs go crazy for a game of fetch and having a few tennis balls around the house is a cheap way to entertain your dog.

If you have a dog that can really run, investing in a Chuck It could be a good idea. A Chuck It Launcher has a flexible arm that catapults a ball farther than your arm can throw and can help prevent arm fatigue.

2. Go For a Walk or Run

Dog Walking Fun Activity

Going for a walk or run is a great way to mentally stimulate your dog and allowing your dog to sniff their environment can be very enriching for them. Doing some obedience and leash training while on your walks is a great way to train your dog during the process.

Another great thing to do while on your walk is to practice dog recall. Having a reliable dog recall is important to keep your dog safe within their environment. Just imagine your dog ran out of the house or got distracted while off leash at a dog park and got into something bad. Having a strong dog recall word to gain their attention immediately can help retrieve them right away. Check out this great read from Preventive Vet and learn more about Reliable Dog Recalls 

3. Play Enrichment Games

Having some enrichment toys such as snuffle balls, snuffle mats and rubber treat dispensers around the house can be life saving! Feeding your dogs meals in these types of slow feeders can help mentally stimulate your dog without much work from your end. Gone are the days of feeding your dog from a regular dish bowl.

If enrichment toys sound like something you could benefit from, check out our line of tough treat dispensers. Keeping your dog busy and mentally stimulated has never been easier!


4. Cuddle Time / Movie Time

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Not every activity you do with your dog needs to be a huge ordeal. Spending time with your dog can be as simple and cuddling up on the couch with a movie. In the end, your dog just wants to spend time with you.

5. Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek around the house can be a fun activity for both you and your dog. Spending some time doing some basic "stay" commands with your dog will help make this game more enjoyable. Ask your dog to stay while you find a hiding place and then tell them your "release" command so they can come and find you!

6. Dog Training and Obedience

Dog training and obedience training are great activities to do with your dog. Short 5-10 minute training sessions are more than enough to help teach your dog something new and provide some mental stimulation. Longer training sessions can sometimes be counter-productive as your dog can get easily frustrated when they aren't understanding exactly what you want. 

Check out these great training techniques from Small Door Veterinary to learn more about dog training.

7. Shop at a Pet Friendly Store

Taking your dog with you to run some errands or do some shopping is another fun activity to do with them. You might be surprised how many stores are pet friendly and allow your dog inside to shop with you. Below is a list of some Canadian pet friendly stores you can take your dog to.

  1. Home Depot
  2. Home Sense
  3. Indigo
  4. Lululemon (some stores)
  5. Canadian Tire (some stores)
  6. Michaels
  7. Pet Stores

8. Order a Monthly Dog Subscription Box

Getting a monthly dog subscription box can be a very fun surprise for both you and your dog! Your dog will quickly learn that the box is specifically for them and will absolutely love unboxing it with you! DuraPaw's dog subscription boxes come with tasty dog treats, dog enrichment toys, and even cute and useful accessories such as a bow tie or collar.

Dog Subscription Box Fun Monthly Activity for your Dog

9. Play Indoor Activities

Sometimes going outside is not always an option. In the winter months it can get extremely cold, and in the summer it can rain. It is important to have some indoor friendly games and activities to play with your dog during these times. Indoor activities can include games like tug-of-war and fetch.

10. Go to the Dog Park

Another great activity to do with your dog is to venture off to your local dog park. Socializing with other dogs is important, especially at a younger age, and can help prevent or work on any developing social issues. Once again, a dog park is another great place to practice your dog recall. Your pup will be busy playing with others and using implementing a strong recall here can greatly improve its success rate.

11. Celebrate Your Dogs Birthday

 Celebrate your puppy's latest birthday and invite their best furry-friends over for a Pup Paw-ty! Whether your dog turns 1 or 10, there is never a reason not to throw them a party!

12. Take Your Dog to Work

Bring your dog to work with you if you are lucky enough to have an office or work environment that allows your dog. The office staff will be thrilled to show lots of love to your puppy which can really help with socialization.

13. Take Your Dog to the Groomers

 Take your dog out for a spa day to the groomers! Get their nails clipped, hair cut and fur freshened up! It is a good idea to get in the habit of getting your dog groomed and it keeps them so fresh and clean.

14. Puppy Play Date

Dog Socialization Fun Activity Thing To Do

 Do you have some friends who also have a dog? Ask them if they want to go for a nice walk along a river valley or pathway and take the pooches along with you. You can make a nice afternoon out of the play date and even stop for lunch at a dog friendly restaurant or patio.

15. Set Up an Instagram Page for your Dog

Put your puppy in a cute bowtie and take some photos for their profile picture! Setting up your dogs very own Instagram page can be a new way to meet other dog owners. All of those videos of your dog doing silly things can now be seen by the world! Who knows, maybe your dog will be the next Bark Wahlberg!

Can I Spend Too Much Time With My Dog?

It's great to have all of these fun activities with your dog, but now you might be concerned that you're spending too much time with them. Spending too much time with your dog can actually help create separation anxiety issues. It is healthy for your dog to have some alone time so they can learn that being alone is okay. There will be times where you have to work or go out and your dog will be alone, so it is important to prepare your dog for this alone time by giving them some space. Using enrichment dog toys to keep them distracted during alone time can help distract them and make the experience more enjoyable.