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Happy dogs

We loved our first box at Woofability, the dogs loved playing with the new toys and enjoying some new treats. We have a lot of very happy dogs thank you!

Awesome! We got the Multi dog package, something for all three!

Best toy ever

My German Shepard / Cane Corso is an incredible chewer. She’ll rip apart most toys in moments, some take a couple of days but most don’t last. She’s been playing with this rippables toy for two months now and still hasn’t ripped off the outside. I’m pretty disappointed in her honestly, I want to see the inside lol.

Amazing boxes ❤️

My dog LOVES his boxes. The little toy for them to rip is his favourite. The price is also great for what you receive. Highly recommend ✌🏻

One happy pup

My dog Luther absolutely loved his first box, and I loved watching him open it and discover all the goodies inside it for him! We can't wait for the next one.

Love the Durapaw boxes for my aggressive chewer

The Durapaw boxes come with amazing toys that my aggressive chewer is unable to destroy with in a matter of hours. We have spent so much money on "durable" toys from other stores that our dog has ripped apart in no time. We still have all of the toys from his first box! I highly recommend this company and have just subscibed for more :)

My pups is obsessed

My crazy chewy is absolutely obsessed! He could not have been happier!

First box

Absolutely loved our first box, my dog is loving the lamb liver treat & his new toys.

Best toy ever. We have bought this toy repeatedly

Our doodle loves it

DuraPaw Dog Toy Treat Dispensing Feeder Ball

Awesome box!

We love the box but I would probably change one item in the box. Other than that our dogs really love it and get super excited when they see they have mail❤️

First Box

My dogs LOVED their first box!! Thank you so much for everything. I love the enrichment toys for them. Can’t wait for the next one

Great box!

One happy boy! Gordo showing off his bow tie. The toys are great and he also loves the treats.

6 Month Plan - Ultimate Dog Enrichment Box

My dog loved the toys! Thank you

My dog loves the toys and treats everything is amazing I'm so happy j got this for my dog

My pups first box

Excellent very impressed with everything in this box.

Puppy Love

My American Bully loved her new toys and waits for mailman every day now

Everything that was sent in the first box has been great to this point. The only thing that was destroyed instantly was the plush toy that you sent along. But everything else to this point has been holding up. I've been impressed thank you

Best Dog Box Hands Down

I've tried them all and this one by far is the Best Quality mad has outlasted my Puppy who chews through everything!

First box

My fur babies luv'd it! So far....do good 😊. Keep up the good work 👍

Great variety and my dogs love it all


My dog loved the stuff

So much fun!

With 5 dogs it is awesome how the box was individualized for our furry family! I also loved how the dogs all huddled around the box as I lifted the lid and could not wait to get into it! Can’t wait to get the next box ☺️

So Enjoyable

I think I had more fun than my two dogs with this subscription - especially the unboxing :). The toys are extremely durable which is a bonus as my dogs are heavy chewers. I contacted DuraPaw right away to upgrade to a 3 month service! I'm also happy to support local businesses. I highly recommend!

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