10 Reasons Why You Need a Dog Toy Subscription Box

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If you haven't already noticed, today's online world is flooded with subscription boxes. Curious what the craze is all about? You have come to the right place!

What is a Monthly Dog Subscription Box?

A dog subscription box is a monthly (or bi-monthly) box of toys, treats, and accessories, that gets delivered to your door. It's purpose is to provide volume discounts based on the amount of boxes you wish to commit to. Additionally, they provide fun and unique surprises in each box, making each box more exciting than the last.

Why order a dog subscription box?

It can get expensive to rotate toys and treats if you have pets, as you probably know from recent trips to your local pet supply stores. A single dog toy can range anywhere from $6 to $30 depending on the size, brand and type of material.
We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should order your first dog toy subscription box.

1. Savings in the bank.

Dog subscription boxes can help save you money in the long haul by providing high quality toys and treats delivered to your door. Spend less time in stores where you are tempted to buy things you don't need and more time with your pet. Online shops can often offer much better prices because they don't have the same high overhead expenses of a brick and mortar store with prime retail space and lots of employees. 

2. Convenient.

Imagine a world where you don't have to drive to the pet store and wait in line anymore. Well, that world is here, leaving more time for you to do things for yourself. Take advantage of having things delivered right to your doorstep! 

3. Fun surprises.

Dog boxes can be very fun! The excitement of receiving that colorful box filled with toys, treats, and accessories is unbeatable.
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4. New toys every month

Seeing the same old dog toys in your local pet store can get tiring sometimes. With dog subscription boxes, you are guaranteed to have a unique variety of toys. 
DuraPaw designs and creates custom dog toys that cant be found anywhere else. Each new toy is well thought out for your dogs enjoyment and safety.

5. Different types of toys.

In each box you receive, you will get a variety of durable natural rubber toys, feeders, nylon toys, tug ropes, interactive plush toys, accessories, and tasty treats.
Keeping your dog stimulated with a variety of toys is essential.

6. Different Plans

For some, the term 'subscription box' can be daunting and may cause some uncertainty whether you will be locked into a contract or not. Most subscription box services provide flexible plans, starting with a month-to-month plan, which can be cancelled at any time. The benefits of choosing a longer term plan, such as a 6 or 12 month term, would be greater savings. If you are purchasing a subscription box for the first time, it's a good idea to start with the month-to-month plan.

7. Themed Packs

Some companies create themes from their monthly packs and include a story behind them. This can be fun for both you and your dog. You will notice very quickly, that your dog wont be the only one excited when the box gets delivered to your house!

8. Dog Treats

Typically, most companies will take many steps to source healthy treats locally to ensure their supplying the best possible treats to the consumer. This is another reason we love subscription boxes! Often times, the treat companies will include a post card about their business and you can look them up online for more information or even to order more!

9. Accessories

What is more fun than dressing your dog up on a Friday night? More often than not, dog packs will include accessories to make play time a little more interesting. These accessories could include anything from a business tie, bow tie, party hat, bandana, dog socks, and much more.

10. Special Requests

Many dog subscription box services are very accommodating to your pups requirements. You will be asked for information about your dog, including their name, birthday, size, allergies (if any), and gender. This information all helps with the process to ensure your dog gets appropriately sized and colored toys according to their specific needs. You can usually contact any company direct to make any special requests if you prefer more of a certain type of toy.

To Summarize: Dog Subscription Boxes

Dog toy subscription boxes can be a fun monthly activity for both you and your dog to enjoy together. Unboxing a fun surprise can spread joy and build a stronger bond between you and your pup.