DuraPaw Cute Duck Bowtie Dog Accessory Canada
Cute Cat Kitten Wearing Bow Tie Collar With Duck Pattern Design
Cute Black Lab Wearing DuraPaw Bow Tie With Duck Design

Cute Duckie Bow Tie Dog Accessory | Canadian Design

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Duckie Bow Tie: Pup's Perfect Dapper Accessory

This super cute accessory adds a dash of playfulness to your furry friend's attire, easily attaching to your dog's existing collar with a Velcro strap.

Are dog bow ties safe to wear?

Yes, our DuraPaw bow ties are safe to wear. They attach to your dog's existing collar, eliminating the risk of tying them too tight. However, it's advisable to supervise your pup while they wear any accessories to ensure they are not chewed or ingested.

Customer Reviews

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Tim Land
Happy dogs

We loved our first box at Woofability, the dogs loved playing with the new toys and enjoying some new treats. We have a lot of very happy dogs thank you!


Awesome! We got the Multi dog package, something for all three!

Ashley C
Best toy ever

My German Shepard / Cane Corso is an incredible chewer. She’ll rip apart most toys in moments, some take a couple of days but most don’t last. She’s been playing with this rippables toy for two months now and still hasn’t ripped off the outside. I’m pretty disappointed in her honestly, I want to see the inside lol.

Jasmine R.
Amazing boxes ❤️

My dog LOVES his boxes. The little toy for them to rip is his favourite. The price is also great for what you receive. Highly recommend ✌🏻

Lydia Bundy
One happy pup

My dog Luther absolutely loved his first box, and I loved watching him open it and discover all the goodies inside it for him! We can't wait for the next one.