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Cute Dog Collar Canada | Repeating Bumble Bee Pattern Design

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Cute Dog Collar Bee Design Canada

Accessorize your honey-hound with this new cute repeating bumble bee dog collar. With it's unique and playful design, your furry friend will surely stand out from the pack. The bright and cheery yellow collar is guaranteed to make your pooch look even cuter.

Your dog's neck will stay comfortable and snug at all times with an extra layer of comfort and protective padding inside the collar. Our bee designed dog collar is not only cute, but also made to last. Constructed with durable stitching to handle daily wear and tear.

Order now and watch your furry friend become the buzz of the town!

Dog Collar Size Guide




 Small 1.5cm 28-43cm
Medium 2cm 33-51cm
Large 2.5cm 41-66cm

Redefining Fashion With Durable Dog Collars!

Durable Cute Bee Dog Collar Canadian Designed

Cute Designs

The perfect blend of cuteness and charm, our collars bring a delightful touch to your pup's style.

DuraPaw Padded Cute Dog Collar Canada

Comfortable Padding

Much more than just stylish and cute, our dog collars feature super-comfortable padding approved by doggos for all-day wear!

Customer Reviews

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Tim Land
Happy dogs

We loved our first box at Woofability, the dogs loved playing with the new toys and enjoying some new treats. We have a lot of very happy dogs thank you!


Awesome! We got the Multi dog package, something for all three!

Ashley C
Best toy ever

My German Shepard / Cane Corso is an incredible chewer. She’ll rip apart most toys in moments, some take a couple of days but most don’t last. She’s been playing with this rippables toy for two months now and still hasn’t ripped off the outside. I’m pretty disappointed in her honestly, I want to see the inside lol.

Jasmine R.
Amazing boxes ❤️

My dog LOVES his boxes. The little toy for them to rip is his favourite. The price is also great for what you receive. Highly recommend ✌🏻

Lydia Bundy
One happy pup

My dog Luther absolutely loved his first box, and I loved watching him open it and discover all the goodies inside it for him! We can't wait for the next one.