The fun and joy of opening a monthly surprise box with your dog just got better! A Canadian dog subscription box that will blow your paws off!

DuraPaw Exclusive Snuffle Toys!

Hide treats and kibble throughout our one-of-a-kind DuraPaw snuffle dog toys!

Your Dogs Happiness, Delivered Monthly, For Less!

Pick a monthly plan starting as low as $25 for your first box.

*Discounted price is for first box only.

Puppy Perks

Membership Perks!

Membership perks only apply to active subscribers.

  • 15% Off Entire Store! Add anything to your box for less.
  • 3 to 4 enriching and tough dog toys per month
  • Full-size bag of delicious Canadian treats
  • Customized cute dog accessories
  • Fun monthly surprises
  • DuraPaw representative to help guide you along the way
  • Customize your box to suit your dogs needs
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee
Enrichment Dog Subscription Box Canada

The Best Dog Subscription Box for Enrichment!

Spoil your pup with the toughest dog enrichment toys and most delicious Canadian dog treats! You'll find everything from durable rubber feeders to nylon chew toys to dog snuffle balls and snuffle mats. Each dog toy box will come with:

3- 4 tough enrichment dog toys

1 full-sized bag of natural Canadian dog treats

1 fun customized and themed dog accessory (bowtie, bandana, dog collar, leashes, poop bags)

Puppy Subscription Box

If the enrichment dog box sounds like a bit too much than our Puppy Subscription Box could be a better fit! Each box will be customized and catered to your new puppy as they grow. The puppy box will contain more softer dog toys while still featuring a variety of enrichment toys to keep them mentally stimulated. In each box you can expect:

3-4 fun and exciting dog toys!

1 puppy sized Canadian made bag of dog treats or a fun dog accessory.

New dog toys every month!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Not a problem at all! Our Multi-Dog Subscription Box is designed with multi-pet households in mind. It's the perfect solution for families with multiple furry friends. Each Multi-Dog Box is packed with an abundance of toys, treats, and accessories to ensure every one of your dogs gets their fair share of fun and enrichment.

Yes, we provide toys that are specially designed for larger dogs. If you have a particularly large breed, we can customize your subscription box to feature extra-large toys that are a perfect fit for your pet.

Absolutely! Just email us at to specify your toy preferences, and we'll tailor your box accordingly.

Yes, shipping is always free on all our doggie boxes! Plus, take advantage of our same-day shipping to get your box as quickly as possible.

Meet Our Team of Pups

Meet our team of dedicated and hard working pups ready to assist you at all times!

Chubby Chew

President & CEO


Canadian Subscription Box Manager

Bark Wahlberg

Warehouse Manager

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