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Tough dog toys designed to withstand aggressive chewing!
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Durable Hot Pink Branch Nylon Dog Chew Toy
Tough Hamburger Dog Toy Treat DispenserSodaPup Dog Toy Treat Dispenser Hamburger
Dog Toy Treat DispenserDuraPaw Durable Tough Nylon Chew Dog Toy Canada
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Power Chewer Dog ToyPower Chewer Nylon Tough Dog Toy
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Nylon Dog Toy For Aggressive ChewersLarge Tough Nylon Dog Toy

Tough Toys for Tough Chewers in Canada!

Finding durable and tough dog toys can be a challenge! That's why we make it easy for you by bringing you the toughest dog toys in one place!

Tough Dog Toys FAQ's

What is a tough dog toy?

A tough dog toy is a toy specifically designed to withstand aggressive chewing. Tough toys are usually made from durable materials, such as natural rubber or nylon, that are difficult for dogs to destroy or shred.

What are tough dog toys made of?

Tough dog toys are usually made using materials such as heavy-duty rubber, hard nylon, or dual-layered fabric with reinforced stitching.

Are tough toys safe for my dog?

Tough toys are designed to be safe for your dog, however you should always monitor play time and try to limit chewing to a reasonable time limit. There are many factors to consider when trying to select an appropriate tough toy for your dog, such as size, durability, material type, and your dog's play style and preferences.

Are tough dog toys indestructible?

There are some tough toys that are nearly indestructible, however, no dog toy is intended to last forever. Generally, solid toys made of natural rubber and nylon will be the best and longest lasting dog toys for an aggressive chewer.

What dog breeds are the toughest on toys?

While every dog is unique and individual chewing habits can vary, certain dog breeds are often known for being aggressive chewers. Breeds such as Pit Bull's, Rottweiler's, German Shepherd's, American Bulldog's, and Siberian Husky's are known to have strong jaws. These breeds can be more challenging when it comes to finding durable toys that can withstand their tough chewing habits.

Can tough dog toys help prevent destructive behavior in dogs?

Yes, tough dog toys are great boredom busters. They can keep your dog mentally stimulated and physically active, reducing the likelihood of destructive behavior.

What should I consider when selecting a tough toy for my dog?

When selecting a tough toy for your dog, consider the following factors to ensure you choose an appropriate and durable option.

  • Select a toy that is larger than your dog's mouth, which will make it harder for them to destroy.
  • Look for puzzle toys that keep your dog mentally stimulated.
  • Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise to help prevent destructive behavior.

Looking For Tough Dog Toys in Canada?

As a dog owner, you've probably spent a lot of money on "tough" dog toys only to have their squeakers ripped out and fluff all over!

Here at DuraPaw, we carry very tough and durable dog toys that also have unique enrichment functionalities to keep your dog busy!

Looking for a tough dog toy you can play fetch with? Look no further than the SodaPup Rubber Crazy Bounce Ball. The unique shape of this ball causes it to bounce in random directions creating a fun and interactive game of fetch.

What about a tough toy to keep your dog busy or to feed them with? A durable rubber treat dispenser such as this fun Hamburger Feeder could be a great option for your pup!

Here are some great ways to use our tough dog toys.

Tough Nylon Dog Toys: Enjoy some tough chew time or apply your dog's favorite spreads into the ridges and grooves to use them as a mini licking mat.

Tough Rubber Treat Dispensers: Fill up your dogs favorite rubber treat dispenser toy with kibble to make dinner time more exciting. Sprinkle in a few tasty treats to add some flavor! DuraPaw carries the best Canadian made single ingredient dog treats for your pup!

Start chewing our Tough Dog Toys in Canada today!

Tough Dog Subscription Box Canada

Need More Tough Dog Toys?

Enjoy Canada's best and toughest dog subscription box! Loaded with a healthy amount of tough enrichment dog toys, Canadian made dog treats, and fun customized dog accessories!

Indestructible Tough Dog Toys Canada

Tough Chewers Unite!

Chews your favorite tough toy and start chewing today! Don't forget to share pictures of your fluffy pup and #DuraPaw to share with us all!