Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Dog Subscription Box

Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth it in 2023!

Are you interested in finding out more information about dog subscription boxes? Will a dog subscription box be a good fit for you and your pup? Are dog subscription boxes worth it? In this article, we will cover everything you need to know so you can purchase with confidence!

Is a Dog Subscription Box Worth It?

Take a look at the below in-depth list of 10 reasons why a dog subscription box is worth it.

  1. Lots of Value in Each Box
  2. Great Variety of Toys
  3. Conveniently Skip the Line at the Pet Stores
  4. Free Shipping
  5. Fun and Exciting Experience
  6. Customization and Flexibility
  7. Unique Toys and Treats
  8. Exciting New Themes
  9. Fun Surprises Every Month
  10. Guaranteed Toy Replacements

Is a Dog Subscription Box Worth It

What is a Dog Subscription Box and how does it work?

A dog subscription box is a uniquely curated box of dog toys, treats, and accessories, delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Most dog boxes will come with a well-balanced variety of toys that can also be customized to suit your dogs chewing needs! As part of the sign up process, you will be asked to fill out some basic information about your dog. Details such as the size, gender and the birthday month of your dog are collected and used to curate a more customized experience. 

What Can I Expect Inside My Dog Subscription Box?

Check out the below chart to see an in-depth list of the different type of dog toys and items you may receive inside of your new monthly dog subscription box.

Plush Dog Toys

Dog Subscription Box Plush Toys

Rope Dog Toys

 Dog Subscription Box Rope Toys

Nylon Dog Toys

Dog Subscription Box Nylon Toys

Rubber Dog Toys

Dog Subscription Box Rubber Toys

Snuffle Balls and Mats

Dog Subscription Box Snuffle Balls Snuffle Mats

Dog Lick Mats

 Dog Subscription Box Lick Mats

Tasty Dog Treats

Dog Subscription Box Dog Treats

What Kind of Value Can I Expect in my Dog Subscription Box?

Depending on which dog subscription box company you end up purchasing from, you can usually expect anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 worth of dog toys and treats inside each monthly box. Generally, you will get more “bang for your buck” in a dog subscription box than you would if you purchased those same items at a local pet store.

If you’ve been to a pet store lately, than you know that just one high quality dog toy rubber feeder can be as expensive as $25.00 to $30.00! In a dog subscription box, you will get 3 to 4 of these great toys, treats, and more!

Dog Subscription Box vs. Pet Store?

Dog Subscription Box vs. Pet Store

Still unsure whether a dog subscription box is better than buying toys at your local pet store? According to, approximately 59% of consumers have an online subscription service. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two options.

Pet Store Dog Subscription Box
  • Have to drive to physical location and wait in line.
  • Conveniently delivered to your house.
  • Choose your own items.
  • Fun monthly themed surprises.
  • Toys are more expensive. Can spend upwards of $20 - $30 for one toy.
  • Get more value for your money. Total price of box is $50 and you get 3 toys, treats, and more.

Can I Customize My Dog Subscription Box?

If you know your dog does well with a certain type of toy and not with another, customizing your dog subscription box might be something you wish to do. Simply send an email to the company you are subscribed with, and they can add notes to your account about your dogs preferences! This will help you get the best value out of every box!

What are the Pro's and Con's of a Dog Subscription Box?

Everything has its pros and cons. You will definitely save money with a dog subscription box, however, one may argue that the monthly charges could add up over time. If you notice that your spending money on dog toys and treats at your local pet store, than you may be better off with a dog subscription box!

Dog Subscription Box Pros Dog Subscription Box Cons
  • Save money and time!
  • Monthly charges can add up.
  • Good variety of toys and treats!
  • Dog wont like every toy or treat.
  • Customer satisfaction!
  • Have to wait for free replacement toys.
  • Fun Monthly Surprises!
  • Shipping can take time.

Why Would I Get a Dog Subscription Box?

Is Your Dog a Tough Chewer?

Do you have a dog that destroys everything? You may want to consider a dog subscription box if your dog chews up toys and goes through treats quickly. You will receive quality dog toys and healthy single ingredient dog treats for a great price! Dog subscription boxes also eliminate the line and steep prices at pet stores.

Dog toys come with a 100% Guarantee!

Have you ever tried to return a chewed-up dog toy to your local pet store? You would likely have to escalate it to a manager and still not get a refund or replacement toy. Another huge advantage to a dog subscription box is that most toys come with a replacement guarantee! If your dog doesn’t love a certain type of toy, or destroys it within 5 minutes, you will get a replacement toy in your next dog box.

Fun Monthly Themes!

The most exciting part of a dog subscription box is the fun surprise you get from each new monthly theme! Each new box will come with new and unique toys, treats, and accessories that all coordinate appropriately in a monthly theme. Below is a list of the most exciting dog subscription box themes to look out for.

  1. Christmas Themed Dog Subscription Box
  2. Halloween Themed Dog Subscription Box
  3. Easter Themed Dog Subscription Box
  4. Valentines Themed Dog Subscription Box

In addition to the annual holiday themes, there will always be really exciting themed dog boxes to look forward to! Anything from venturing to outer space, to becoming a professional trainer, and more!

Unique Dog Toys!

Another perk of purchasing a dog subscription box is the unique toys that you will receive! You will never see the same toy twice and every month consists of newly designed toys that are not typically found in your local pet store.

Is a Dog Subscription Box Good For a Puppy or Small Dog?

A dog subscription box can be a great option for a new puppy or small dog. Most companies, including DuraPaw, will customize the box and curate it to your dogs needs. Incorporating more softer toys and treats would be a great addition to a puppy box!

Bond More With Your Dog

Having a subscription box for your dog is a really great way to bond with them more. Enjoy the fun monthly surprises with your dog while spending more quality time together. I don't know who should be more excited, you or your dog!

Let's Recap: Is a Dog Subscription Box Worth It?

You will receive excellent value from your monthly dog subscription box. Dog subscription boxes are easy to use, and they are a great way to get durable toys and fun surprises delivered right to your door. The local pet store might be a better option if you prefer to choose your own toys in person.

What is the Best Dog Subscription Box in Canada?

Don't take it from us alone, there are many other dog subscription box companies on the market. Here is a fantastic blog written by Citizen Canine about the best dog subscription boxes in Canada.

Dog Subscription Box Discounts and Promo Codes.

If you are shopping for the best dog subscription box, keep a close eye on the current discounts and promotions! You will often find really enticing introductory offers that you don’t want to miss!
For example, DuraPaw has an introductory offer to receive 50% off of your first dog subscription box on certain monthly plans. You can view the DuraPaw discount here. This allows new customers to try their products at a discounted price to see if it is a good fit for them.