How Our Dog Subscription Box Works!

Flexible and customizable Canadian dog subscription box loaded with enriching dog toys and treats! Delivered monthly.

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Create Your Dogs Profile

Tell us about your pup and personalize your dog subscription box! Dont worry we wont ask for your pups social insurance number!

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What's Inside Our Canadian Dog Subscription Box?

Ultimate Dog Enrichment Box

The Best Dog Subscription Box in Canada. Overflowing with durable enrichment toys, delicious Canadian treats, accessories, and more! Keep your dog busy while your gone. With everything from interactive toys, to enriching dog lick mats, this dog subscription box has it all!

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Puppy Subscription Box

Curated for new puppies and small dogs. This Canadian puppy dog subscription box will help keep your new pup entertained and assist with training. This box will provide puppy appropriate soft enrichment toys and treats to help reduce anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviors.

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Canadian Tough Dog Toy Subscription Box

Barking Tough Dog Toys

Canadian Dog Subscription Box

The Best Canadian Dog Subscription Box

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Why Our Canadian Dog Subscription Box is the Best!

FAQ's About Our Dog Subscription Boxes!

We are a unique dog subscription box in Canada focused very closely on dog enrichment. Dog Enrichment has many health benefits including mental stimulation, reducing anxiety, preventing over-feeding, and keeping your dog busy!

Absolutely! Send us a message and we can customize your dog subscription box however you need.

Yes. We cater to all dog sizes and breeds. We have big tough toys for Large Dog Breeds and small durable toys for Small Dog Breeds.

Shipping is 100% Free on all dog subscription boxes! We include Same Day, Free Express Tracked shipping. Be sure to check our shipping policy for more information.

All of our dog treats that come in your dog subscription box will be Canadian made from our trusty vendors in Canada!

Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It

Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Dog subscription boxes can provide more value and convenience than a trip to your local pet store. Check out our in-depth blog to learn more about our dog toy boxes and what they provide!

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