How Our Dog Subscription Box Works!

DuraPaw is a customizable monthly Canadian dog subscription box overflowing with enriching dog toys and tasty treats!

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Customizable Monthly Boxes!

Looking to spoil your pup with premium treats and toys? DuraPaw's customizable monthly dog subscription box has you covered! Starting at just $45/month.

100% Woof-Worthy Happiness Guaranteed!

Your dog's happiness is our top priority! If they're not barking with joy over their DuraPaw box, we'll work to make it right!

What's Inside Our Canadian Dog Subscription Box?

DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box Canada

Ultimate Dog Enrichment Box

The Best Dog Subscription Box in Canada. Overflowing with durable enrichment toys, delicious Canadian treats, accessories, and more! Keep your dog busy while your gone. With everything from interactive toys, to enriching dog lick mats, this dog subscription box has it all!

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Puppy Subscription Box

Curated for new puppies and small dogs. This Canadian puppy dog subscription box will help keep your new pup entertained and assist with training. This box will provide puppy appropriate soft enrichment toys and treats to help reduce anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviors.

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Explore our collection of dog toys!

Love the toys in your monthly DuraPaw dog subscription box? You can also shop them individually and keep the fun going with your pup's favorite toys!

Why Choose DuraPaw's Dog Box?

Canadian Tough Dog Toy Subscription Box

Barking Tough Dog Toys

Canadian Dog Subscription Box

The Best Canadian Dog Subscription Box

DuraPaw Doggie Box Delivery

Free Delivery to your Door

The Ultimate Canadian Dog Subscription Box!

Looking for the best way to spoil your pup? Look no further than DuraPaw's Canadian dog subscription box! Our boxes are packed with premium toys and treats crafted with your pup's happiness and well-being in mind.

FAQ's About Our Dog Subscription Boxes!

We are a unique dog subscription box in Canada focused very closely on dog enrichment. Dog Enrichment has many health benefits including mental stimulation, reducing anxiety, preventing over-feeding, and keeping your dog busy!

Absolutely! Send us a message and we can customize your dog subscription box however you need.

Yes. We cater to all dog sizes and breeds. We have big tough toys for Large Dog Breeds and small durable toys for Small Dog Breeds.

Shipping is 100% Free on all dog subscription boxes! We include Same Day, Free Express Tracked shipping. Be sure to check our shipping policy for more information.

All of our dog treats that come in your dog subscription box will be Canadian made from our trusty vendors in Canada!

DuraPaw Tough Chewer Dog Subscription Box Canada

Got a Tough Chewer?

DuraPaw has you covered! Add-on our "Tougher Box" upgrade to your monthly doggy box for only $6. Now your dog can chew with confidence!

Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It

Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Dog subscription boxes are a great way to spoil your pup with exciting toys and treats each month. Not only do they provide your dog with endless entertainment and joy, but they also offer the convenience of skipping the long lines at the pet store. With customizable options and flexible plans, dog subscription boxes can cater to the specific needs and preferences of your pup.

With the added bonus of discovering new and innovative products, It's no surprise that dog subscription boxes have become a favorite among pet owners everywhere.

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